If Youngevity marketing forex trading wasn’t bizarre enough, they’d supposedly linked up with Sal Leto. Yes, that Sal Leto. Youngevity market a lot of things but are very much founded in nutritional supplements.

Case in point: every product included on Youngevity’s “best seller” website list is a nutritional supplement. In reality there’s practically no mention of forex instruction on Youngevity’s public-facing homepage. You have to find it. The link to Youngevity’s forex items is hidden in the large list of store related links. This is kind of unusual, knowing as attempts to push forex training onto Youngevity distributors began last September. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

A reader tipped me up to Youngevity’s FX service through email: “Hello, In case you were interested in following up with Sal Leto … he is now associated with Youngevity. Selling his trading platform.”

My first thought was, “Sal Leto has partnered up with Youngevity to sell forex training? That’s an odd pairing.” Running a search for Sal Leto on Youngevity’s website didn’t return anything. I immediately checked out Leto’s social media and, sure enough, he posted this on September 18th; Kind of an unusual for a corporation of this quality and repute to come in with their resources to compete in a cutting edge field.

But the study has been done to do so in a way that solidifies the continuance of their legacy. We are establishing the world’s largest client base of successful traders. I know many of you need the appropriate mentors and the correct systems that are proven but haven’t discovered it yet. This was followed by a presentation in front of top Youngevity earners on September 20th. I can’t speak for Youngevity but if they have done their research, as Leto claims, they’d know Leto was one of the ringleaders behind OneCoin’s unsuccessful US launch. That’s OneCoin, the $4 billion MLM crypto Ponzi fraud.

Three years after Leto’s failed efforts to promote OneCoin across the US, the business would again try to reenter the country. This resulted in US authorities arresting then OneCoin CEO Konstantin Ignatov in March, 2019. Leto (right) not appearing on Youngevity’s website or marketing shows the corporation is purposely failing to disclose who’s behind their FX product.

This alone is a potential violation of the FTC Act (unfair or deceptive acts or practices) (unfair or deceptive acts or practices). After OneCoin, Maurice Katz and Sal Leto began pushing iPro Network. The SEC sued iPro Network for fraud in May last year. After iPro Network Leto hitched his name to Eaconomy. Eaconomy failed in March 2020.

Leto later returned as Chief Networking Officer of Auvoria Prime. Auvoria Prime, was a forex trading bot tied to a “forex education program”. Today there’s no mention of Sal Leto on Auvoria Prime’s website. The automatic trading bot has been replaced by trade opportunities from people you’ve never heard of.

Leto’s last formal Auvoria Prime message is dated November 17th, 2020. Leto ceased posting on FaceBook in August 2020. He restarted in May 2021. Getting back to Youngevity’s forex trading products, they’ve been labeled as “FX by Youngevity”.

What’s on offer sounds remarkably similar to Auvoria Prime. FX is a platform that provides community, coaching & education, innovative trading technology, and leadership growth training. At FX, we will assist you develop new skill sets and provide training by the greatest leaders in the business to help you speed your career. Under FX by Youngevity you have MAX Indicator, MAX Trader’s Academy and Live Trading Sessions. The MAX Indicator is an Artificial Intelligent [sic] oriented software application known a “Indicator”. The software is meant to scan the change of prices and values throughout multiple distinct financial markets.

The MAX Indicator then uses this data that’s been collected to provide an information report ot the user. The customer can use this information as potential confirmation of current market action to decide whether or not they wish to conduct a trade and attempt to earn a profit. When you subscribe to the MAX Indicator platform… you will also have exclusive access to attend Live Trading Sessions.

The Max Trader’s Academy is a comprehensive, multi-sensory learning tool designed to educate traders of all experience levels to raise the bar on their personal trading. MAX Trader’s Academy was intended to empower you with the knowledge and skill to become a more profitable trader. MAX Indicator Initial Enrollment grants access to MAX Indicator and MAX Trader’s Academy, it retails at $210.99 MAX Indicator Business Essentials Kit combines access to MAX Indicator and MAX Trader’s Academy with Youngevity vitamins, it retails at $299.95 MAX Indicator Business Builder Kit contains more supplements and “CEO Training Materials”, it retails at $499.95 My immediate concern was whether Youngevity are offering any type of automatic trading.

As far as I can tell, they aren’t. Each user is 100 percent in control of their own money and their own trades. As a protection against FX by Youngevity’s offering changing in the future nevertheless, I’ll say that any automated trading product would constitute a securities offering. This would require Youngevity to register its FX opportunity with the SEC (Youngevity itself is already registered). Failing to do so would be securities fraud.

Personally I’m not fully convinced. Some Youngevity distributors seem to be pushing automatic trading: That aside, as described by Youngevity, Leto’s contribution to FX by Youngevity is signaling software. Leto himself definitely didn’t develop the platform, with that knowledge being concealed from consumers. Personally I’d want to know if I was getting into forex trading given by someone whose only MLM claim to fame was securities fraud. Through one of the largest and most known MLM Ponzi schemes ever no less.

Update 12th January 2022 – I’ve validated, that at the time of this update, there’s no automatic trading component to Youngevity FX or MAX Indicator.

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