CashFX management and senior promoters went on a cruise while affiliate investor withdrawals were prohibited. Those unable to withdraw can calculate how the cruise was funded. Since late November, the Ponzi scheme issues have resurfaced.

On December 4th, CashFX Group Marketing Director John Kinnear led a Q&A. CashFX Group withdrawals, regulatory issues, cryptocurrency and… Traders AI? On the blocked withdrawals at CashFX Group, Kinnear repeated the “we got hacked” claim.

When the security staff has to handle something like that, all operations, except trading, must stop. So the programmers have complete control over the backoffice. No backoffice withdrawals are going out. Of course, this is absurd, given Kinnear later claims CashFX Group was not compromised.

Anyone behind them has a lot of money, six figures or more, and spends a lot of time and energy attempting to penetrate this security. “You’ve also heard me say that the CFX backoffice has four distinct firewalls, with just the first ever compromised. That’s still true. That is the case currently. Again, as stated in our initial post on the “we got hacked” explanation, it makes no logic to say withdrawals are disabled due to a hack while also claiming the hack failed.”

The site was under DDOS attack, so he took it down to deal with it, which he said was unsuccessful. This does not mean CashFX Group was compromised. I believe it’s a Ponzi scam that will collapse in 2021.

Huascar Lopez declared publicly that CashFX Group will be caught up by Q4 2021. Kinnear blames “tHe HaTeRz” for CashFX Group’s YouTube channel disappearing. [A team, a Facebook group, an anti-CFX Facebook page… Over the previous two and a half years, they’ve thrown a spanner in the works. I believe this was a joint attempt by that group and YouTube to take down the CFX YouTube site.

CashFX Group’s YouTube channel has “reached out to YouTube to get things rectified,” Kinnear alleges. It should be evident that a large number of complaints will not result in a YouTube channel being terminated. YouTube must have a reason to act. That’s where Kinnear’s blaming fails.

CashFX investors have also noted their daily returns are stable. Kinnear linked this anomaly to CashFX Group’s money, COVID-19, and risk management.

In the Q&A section of the video, Kinnear is asked if CashFX Group operates in the US. He says that he can tell you the method being utilized right now in Vancouver with the attorneys in the US and Canada. They and their US counterparts are finalizing the approach to open the market. He is not excited about the strategy.  This is nonsense.

A lawyer can’t get away with 2 1/2 years of securities fraud. If you sell a security, you are an MLM company. The US has no “strategy” for regulating securities. You file with the SEC and produce financial statements. In Canada, you must register in each province.

Kinnear is lying about CashFX Group and US and Canadian securities legislation. He then lies about international securities legislation. “the Philippines market has a great law firm… Um, they’re waiting on one more license from Panama to meet with the SEC in the Philippines to have that warning lifted.”

Kinnear refers to an April SEC advisory against CashFX Group. The SEC further stated CashFX Group “may be a Ponzi scheme”. No license, from Panama or elsewhere, will override this.

CashFX Group must register with the SEC in order to lawfully operate in the Philippines. MLM Ponzi scheme Mining City felt it could overturn a Philippine SEC fraud notice. That the SEC wasn’t going to be fooled.

Mining City is still a no-go. If they can remove the warnings in the Philippines, they believe they can remove them in Canada. That will cause a domino effect and they will be removed everywhere. That’s not how securities law works.

Your financial records must be audited to be registered with financial regulators. Getting a license in a tax haven like Panama doesn’t mean other regulators will stop issuing securities fraud alerts.

Kinnear promotes CashFX Group’s “AI trading” and joins the crypto scam bandwagon. “How much will it boost our daily earnings? And Edwin just smiled and winked. “You’ll notice a cryptocurrency item.”

It is expected to become live in Q1 2022. Kinnear evaded a question on CashFX Group’s trading brokers. Kinnear is situated in Vancouver, BC, according to his LinkedIn page. CashFX Group was warned of securities fraud by the BCSC in December 2020.

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