The Russian Central Bank has issued a fraud alert to Crowd1. Crowd1 exhibits “pyramid scheme” signs, according to the CBR’s February 1, 2021, warning. Crowd1 Network Europe LTD, Crowd1 Network LTD, Impact Crowd Technology SL, and Impact Crowd Technology Scandinavia AB, as well as any other associated Crowd1 shell firms, are all included in CBR’s warning.

Crowd1 has now been sanctioned by the sixteenth country, the Russian Federation. Peru, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, the Philippines, Norway, Namibia, Paraguay, Gabon, Vietnam, Cote d’Ivoire, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are among the nations that have issued Crowd1 fraud alerts.

Azerbaijani authorities recently detained members of the Crowd1 marketing team. Jonas Werner, a Swede, is running Crowd1 as a Ponzi scheme.

Werner had been living in Spain for the previous year. He is rumored to have taken refuge in Dubai.

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