The multi-level marketing firm Ganancias Deportivas operates in Spanish. Marketing through affiliates Additional commissions and a 20 percent monthly ROI are offered by Ganacias Deportiva. SEC fraud alerts have come in from both Spain and Italy in the last few months for Ganancias Deportivas.

The website domain (“”) used by Ganancias Deportivas was privately registered on February 17th, 2021. There is no mention of who owns or manages the company.

In Spain, on October 4th, the CNMV issued a securities fraud alert for the company Ganancias Deportivas. Ganancias Deportivas “is not authorised to provide investment services” in Spain, according to the regulator.

On the 10th of December, Italy’s CONSOB issued a statement in response. According to Consob, seven new websites offering illegal financial services and products have been blacklisted.

One of the businesses mentioned was Ganancias Deportivas. In spite of committing securities fraud, Ganancias Deportivas claims to be a legitimate business.

Legally formed company based on Crowd-Investing and trading to help people realize their dreams using new technologies. December’s Alexa traffic data shows a decrease in activity. Both Italy and Spain appear to be experiencing a recruitment crisis.

In Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela, Ganancias Deportivas is being heavily promoted. Both Costa Rica and Spain are represented on the official Ganancias Deportivas Facebook page.

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