According to Blockchain Global’s latest financial results, the company’s investors have lost $48.9 million AUD (around $34.8 million USD). As a result of ongoing liquidation proceedings in Australia, Blockchain Global’s adjusted investor loss amount has been lowered.

In October, Ryan Xu and Sam Lee’s bitcoin exchange, Blockchain Global, went bankrupt. According to Australian media reports, Failure of the transaction According to administrators Pitcher Partners, Blockchain Global, which managed the ACX bitcoin platform, was originally supposed to owe $21 million. That figure has now increased to $48.9 million after 107 claims were lodged, administrator Andrew Yeo said in an interview with The Australian.

Xu and Lee escaped to Dubai in the months leading up to Blockchain Global’s demise. Australian liquidators have been unable to locate them as they have gone into hiding and refuse to cooperate. Creditors of Blockchain Global owe anywhere from $2,000 to $8.3 million, according to documents filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Directors who lived abroad made it difficult to learn about the company’s financial situation.

Xu and Lee have abandoned Blockchain Global in favor of HyperCapital, HyperFund, and now HyperTech Ponzi schemes. HyperFund has been reborn as Hyperverse. HyperCapital was the original inspiration for HyperFund. While HyperCapital went bankrupt, Xu and Lee were able to get Hyperverse off the ground far before HyperFund did. It’s not apparent how near HyperFund was to collapsing prior to Hyperverse’s introduction. In terms of Xu and Lee, they haven’t shown up yet. As part of Hyperverse’s virtual debut celebration, they only appeared in an undated pre-recorded film shared a few days ago.

According to reports, the entire presentation was pre-recorded and aired. Although Hyperverse’s website has been open for almost a week, it is still largely unusable. Additionally, affiliates have access to the old HyperFund backoffice and may see their monopoly money holdings.

Hyperverse’s website design is an off-the-shelf template, It costs $79 for Craftengine’s Nextgen product. Wherever you get your hands on it: This is the ultimate multi-purpose video game and eSports Webflow template and UI kit. Using the most up-to-date gaming design trends, Nextgen’s template was created. As a result, your new release will have a high-quality website. An all-in-one solution is provided in this template. Hyperverse’s NFT Ponzi scheme is likely to be hidden beneath a shoddy video game disguise. The domain name for Hyperverse’s website, “,” was registered on November 18th, just a few weeks ago.

Using a fictitious address in Dubai, “Caden Li” has been identified as the owner of the property. Nobody knows if Caden Li really exists.

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