Algotech was a Ponzi fraud that came to light only a few months ago. The con only lasted a short time before it was exposed. Algotech’s website was unavailable at the time of publication. Former Algotech employees are presumably touting WinWheel as a company rebirth. The domain name for WinWheel’s website (“”) was initially registered in 2013

WinWheel is a Ponzi scheme linked to Connect, a mysterious blockchain corporation situated in the United States. Both companies are owned and/or promoted by serial con artists, with business models that appear to be designed to deceive customers. WinWheel is probably the most complicated crypto bro scheme I’ve ever seen. There are so many hurdles to pass through and layers of bullshit to get over, all to obscure the underlying flow of money from new investors to existing ones.

The compensation plan at WinWheel is a jumbled mess.

You’ll need three things to get started:

investment and investment commissions for a bitcoin app you run to create cryptocurrency returns bonuses based on app usage

Investment Commissions at WinWheel

Affiliates with WinWheel invest between $100 and $1,000 USDT:

Invest 100 USDT in the Access Pack.

Invest 500 USDT and receive a 500 USDT Connect investment contract as part of the Standard Pack.

Invest 1000 USDT and receive a 1000 USDT Connect investment as part of the Expert Pack.

This is based on the promise of a 400% return on investment. The return is paid out by WinWheel using a binary straight line compensation scheme.

The Steinkeller brothers sold their 2.5 million euro per month OneCoin holding a few months before Ruja Ignatova vanished. They entrusted the post to Staffan Liback, who soon wrecked it (the collapse of OneCoin in January 2018 didn’t help matters).  Liback was marketing OmegaPro. He was also an early Algotech supporter. After the Ponzi collapsed, Simon Le, one of OneCoin’s top earners (he pillaged Southeast Asia), discreetly slunk away to Vietnam.

Global Sponsorship Network has been restarted three or four times lately by Le. He appears to have given up and is now attempting to channel what remains of his SEA following towards WinWheel. Nigel Allan is in charge of Liback, the Steinkeller brothers, and Le. They’ve partnered up to develop yet another MLM crypto fraud because money doesn’t endure forever. Ponzi schemes are mathematically guaranteed to lose money for the vast majority of participants when they collapse. For proof, look no farther than any Ponzi scam advocated by the Steinkeller brothers, Liback, or Le. The Steinkellers, Liback, and Le may be people of interest in the DOJ’s ongoing OneCoin criminal investigation because they are prominent OneCoin supporters.

Prior to OneCoin, Allan was the face of the Brilliant Carbon project. Depending on who you ask, Allan either left OneCoin or was dismissed. Following OneCoin, Allan established himself as the Crypto888 Club Ponzi scheme’s Master Distributor. After Crypto888 Club went bankrupt in early 2016, he founded Power On Network later that year. Allan returned to the “environmental” fraud model prior to OneCoin with Power On Network, but this time using bitcoin.

A referral of an Access Pack affiliate earns you 25 WIN Points. 250 WIN Points are earned by recruiting a Standard Pack affiliate. 500 WIN Points are awarded for recruiting an Expert Pack affiliate. The generated WIN Points on their weaker straight-line side are what a WinWheel affiliate is rewarded on.

According to WinWheel’s compensation literature, the company pays out “up to 10%” on WIN Point volume generated. This process is repeated until a 400% ROI is achieved, at which point reinvestment is necessary to continue earning. It’s worth noting that the 400 percent is determined by personal recruitment efforts: In a word, the more WinWheel affiliates they recruit, the more their 400 percent is paid passively from the efforts of others they recruit. Affiliates are obliged to reinvest regardless if a 400 percent ROI is not attained after 90 days, according to WinWheel’s payout documents.

WIN Cryptocurrency Investment Scheme

A WinWheel affiliate must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the WIN Blockchain Investment scheme. have spent at least $2000 USDT on the Access, Standard, and/or Expert Packs; have recruited five affiliates who have also spent at least $2000 USDT; and have used the Connect app software for at least 6 hours per day. Affiliates of the WIN Blockchain Investment Scheme who are qualified Receive a 10% bonus on funds invested by directly recruited affiliates, as well as a 10% bonus on returns received by level 2 and 3 affiliates. There are additionally five bonus pools, each of which is funded by 30% of the company’s overall investment.

What is WinWheel’s affiliate ranking system? I’m not even going to try to explain everything. In a nutshell, the more points you and your WinWheel team steal from others, the more points you earn and the higher you rank. To maintain earnings after obtaining a 400 percent ROI, reinvestment is essential.

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