In late 2019, Sincere Systems went public. Ponzi scheme based on “sincere tokens” was a simple token Ponzi scheme.

It appeared as though Sincere Systems was a “UK company,” but the scammers behind it were in fact based in Russia and/or Ukraine.

In the middle of 2021, Sincere Systems went under. Renamed as “S-Group” in August 2021, the Ponzi scheme was brought back to life.

“British Investment” continues to be referred to as a UK company by S-Group.

S-corporate Group’s deception isn’t that difficult to uncover:

 S-website Group’s does not disclose the company’s ownership.

Russian and Ukrainian fraudsters are in charge of the company’s marketing efforts.

S-website Group’s currently receives most of its traffic from Russia and Ukraine, according to Alexa (57 percent and 15 percent respectively).

According to Sincere Group’s Alexa traffic estimates and recruitment outside of Russia and Ukraine has largely stopped, this is in line.

For Sincere Systems and S-Group, the Russian Central Bank issued a warning in August 2021.

The company’s name is mentioned. It has been added to the list of URLs that should not be accessed.

Don’t join or hand over any money to an MLM company unless they are completely transparent about who owns and runs it.

Products of the S-Group There are no products or services that can be sold by S-Group.

It is only possible for affiliates to promote S-Group affiliate membership.

S-Payroll Group’s Policy On the promise of a percentage of the monthly return, S-Group affiliates invest in s-token (SNT).

SNT will pay you 50% of the monthly ROI generated if you invest $100 to $499. You can get 60% of the monthly ROI generated by SNT if you invest $500 to $1499. Spend $1,500 to $4,999 on SNT and get 65% of the monthly return on investment SNT will pay you 70% of the monthly ROI generated if you invest between $5000 and $9999. SNT investors who put $10,000 to $24,999 into the company will receive 75% of the monthly ROI. In order to receive 80% of the monthly ROI generated by SNT, you must invest between $25,000 and $49,000. If you invest $50,000 or more in SNT, you will receive 85 percent of the monthly ROI generated by S-Group.

According to their annual subscription fee, an S-Group affiliate can store a certain amount of SNT in their affiliate account.

Capped at 500 SNT are the options available: Free – no charge; 500 SNT; $100 subscription fee; 10,000 SNT; $300 subscription fee; $50,000 SNT; $1,000 subscription fee; 1,000,000 SNT Sincere Systems’ average monthly ROI of 15.5% is maintained by S-Group in its marketing.

In addition, SNT tokens can be staked.

A thirty-day return on investment (ROI) is the basis for staking, in which affiliates invest 10,000 SNT or more.

The exact return on investment (ROI) is not given. That’s according to how much SNT is invested into staking and “the total amount of transactions in blockchain,” according to S-Group.

S-Group penalizes affiliates who withdraw their investment before the twelve-month period has expired.

Withdraw within the first four to six months and pay a 30% fee. withdraw within the first seven to nine months and pay a 20% fee. 10 percent fee for withdrawals made within the first 12 months of a contract After a year, there is no penalty for making a withdrawal. For the first four months, all investments and mandatory lock-ins are suspended.

Affiliates of S-Group are ranked. S-salary Group’s structure is divided into eleven tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifications:

Rank 1: Become an S-Group affiliate and make a $100 SNT token investment to start. Personal investment or generation of $3000 in the downline ranks you as Rank 2 The volume of SNT token purchases If you have $10,000 in your downline, you’re in Rank 3. The volume of SNT token purchases Earn $25,000 from your downline to reach rank 4. The volume of SNT token purchases Rank 5 – Invest $500 in SNT tokens and make $50,000 in downline profit. The volume of SNT token purchases One thousand dollars invested in SNT tokens will result in $100,000 in downline earnings. The volume of SNT token purchases Ranking 7 – invest $5000 and earn $500,000 from your downline in SNT tokens The volume of SNT token purchases Earn $1,000,000 in your downline if you invest $10,000 in SNT tokens. The volume of SNT token purchases Rank 9 requires a $30,000 investment in SNT tokens and a $3,000,000 downline in order to rank. The volume of SNT token purchases Rank 10 – invest $100,000 in SNT tokens and earn $10,000,000 from your downline. The volume of SNT token purchases Investments of $250,000 in SNT tokens will yield $25,000,000 in downline earnings for Rank 11. The volume of SNT token purchases Investor Recommendation Fees Referral commissions are paid on funds invested in SNT tokens by affiliates who have been personally recruited by S-Group.

S-Group affiliate rank is used to determine SNT token investment referral commission rates:

Percentage of those in the top 5% Rank 2 – 7% of the total. In third place, 9% of people are in this position. One-tenth of one percent 12% of the population is ranked in the fifth position. Thirteen percent of those in the sixth position Percentage of those in the seventh position: Position 8: 14.5% of the population 15 percent of those in the ninth position the tenth through the fifteenth percentiles Rank 11 – 16 percent. Recurring Payments S-Group uses a one-level compensation structure to pay out residual commissions.

When an affiliate recruits’ new members, they are placed at the top of their unilevel team (level 1), and each new member is placed directly under them (level 2).

Members of the unilevel team who are recruited by affiliates at the level of the original are automatically promoted to the next available position.

There is a theoretical infinite number of levels of affiliates, so if any level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they are placed on level 3.

Ten is the maximum number of payable unilevel teams that S-Group will accept.

S-Token staking returns paid to downline affiliates across these ten levels are used to calculate referral commissions.

The number of levels S-Group pays residual commissions on depends on the amount of subscription fees paid by an affiliate.

Standard tier affiliates are paid 5% on level 1 for their efforts (personally recruited affiliates) Five percent is paid on levels one to three for pro-tier affiliates. Affiliates in the business tier earn 5% on levels 1 to 5. On levels 1 to 10, premium tier affiliates receive a 5% commission. For each month, the Marketing Plan Bonus S-Group allocates 1.375 percent of the company’s total investment into four bonus pools.

1 rank 11 downline affiliate and $5,000,000 in downline SNT token investment volume = one share in the 0.5 percent Marketing Plan’s marketing strategy To get a share of the marketing plan, the bonus pool generated three rank 11 affiliates and $3,000,000 in downline SNT token investment volume. Incentive pool Five Rank 11 downline affiliates and $1,000,000 in monthly downline SNT token investment volume equals one share in a 0.25% Marketing Plan. One share of a 0.125 percent Marketing Bonus Pool comes from ten Rank 11 downline affiliates. Please take note of the following Marketing Plan Bonus cautions:

All unilevel team legs except those with the required Rank 11 downline affiliates are excluded when calculating the downline SNT token investment volume for a single unilevel team leg. S-Group offers a one-time Rank Achievement Bonus to affiliates who reach Rank 4 or higher.

Qualify for Rank 4 and receive $1000, qualify for Rank 5 and receive $2000, and so on. As an S-Group affiliate, you’ll be required to pay an annual fee:

There is no charge for this service. Subscriptions start at $100 per year. Subscription fee for Pro is $300. Subscription fee for businesses is $500. Premium – a yearly fee of $1000 An S-Group affiliate can earn more money if they pay more fees.

A minimum investment of $100 in SNT tokens is also required for full participation in S-income Group’s opportunity.

Conclusion of the S-Group Compared to the original Sincere Systems Ponzi scheme, S-Group is more elaborate.

Sincere Systems’ 15.5%-per-month investment scheme now includes SNT tokens, which have been developed and implemented.

Those who do not wish to place their money in escrow for a minimum of four months can use the new staking feature, which provides an additional monthly return.

There is still a problem with securities fraud. There are no securities registrations for S-Group anywhere.

Due to S-status Group’s as a Ponzi scheme, they are unable to provide audited financial reports as required by this requirement.

Taking S-claims Groups of ROI at face value, the numbers don’t add up.

S-Group celebrated its second anniversary in Dubai, the world’s MLM scam capital, on December 4.

How much money can we expect to make if we take an average monthly return of 15.5 percent and multiply it by 24 months?

Daily compounding of $1,000 results in a yearly total of $36,275. (502 percent annually) Monthly growth of $1,000 results in a gain of $27,625 (435 percent annually) $50,000 a month multiplied by 12 equals $1.7 million (502 percent annually) Investing $50,000 a month yields $1.3 million in the long run (435 percent annually) Anyone who has a trading bot that consistently generates 15.5 percent a month on average would be running it for themselves…

Access to such a bot will not be available for as little as $100 in hokey Ukrainian Ponzi tokens.

S-Group has a pyramid structure because it relies on new investors to keep the scam going.

S-Group would be doomed without the infusion of fresh capital brought on by new investors (again).

The vast majority of participants in MLM Ponzi schemes are mathematically assured to lose money.

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