Nimbus Platform is a long-running Ponzi fraud that was previously exposed but has lately reappeared. Yet there is no difference between the company’s new and old schemes. Here is why.

Andrea Zanon and David Mazaheri founded the company. Fernando Martinho replaced Zanon when he stepped down in September.

As stated on his LinkedIn profile, Martinho is based in the UK, London. A few days ago, his name mysteriously disappeared off the firm’s website; here’s how it looked before:

There have been no public statements from Nimbus Platform on the topic.

On December 21, 2020, Nimbus Platform’s official YouTube account aired a video of Martinho speaking during a webinar. After that, he disappeared without a trace.

The official address for Nimbus Platform is not shown on the company’s website. Nimbus Platform LTD, which claims to be the company’s parent company, is a Malta shell corporation!

Nimbus Platform’s Products

Nimbus Platform’s founders generate revenue from their affiliate program by relying on third parties rather than selling products or services directly. But are Nimbus Platform’s creators keeping their promises? Let’s see.

Nimbus Platform’s Compensation Plan 

Nimbus Platform sells NBU tokens to hopeful investors looking to receive passive income from their investments.

Nimbus Platform seizes all NBUs as soon as the initial investments are made and retains them for 60 days. Those who want to reclaim their tokens after this period must pay a 7% return on investment.

The value of the firm’s NBU tokens is unknown to the general public. For obvious reasons: they have no monetary worth.

According to the Nimbus Platform, all returns, commissions, and bonuses are paid out in NBU tokens. Of course, these are meaningless words.

Reimbursement is further delayed by a fictional percentage calculation:

“Each reward will be maintained in a smart contract for the first two months and distributed in 20% increments for the next five months.”

Referral Commissions

Individual affiliates who purchase NBU tokens from the Nimbus Platform hope tol receive a 10% referral commission.

I believe the 10% commission is applied to all NBU tokens the affiliate earns after the initial payment.

Swap Bonus

The following compensation mechanism is used by Nimbus Platform to distribute Swap Rewards:

Tokens traded on the internal market are used to calculate the Swap Reward.

Nimbus Platform promises investors the potential to earn the Swap Bonus in one of six different uni-level team levels:

Level 1: 0.06 %; 

Level 2: 0.03 %; 

Level 3: 0.02 %; 

Levels 4 and 5: 0.015 %; 

Level 6: 0.01 %.

Joining Nimbus Platform

It’s not clear how much it costs to join Nimbus Platform as an affiliate.

The expense of membership, however, is well-known. Everyone loses money except Nimbus Platform itself!

To Sum Up

Nimbus Platform’s original NMBT token Ponzi scheme failed despite its best efforts to conceal it.

Tokens that can be produced in less than two minutes on the ERC-20 platform have been utilized by the firm to restart forged operations. Can you blame them for their desire to keep deceiving others?

When Nimbus Platform first launched a Ponzi scam, it used an Avalon trading bot.

Two additional Ponzi scheme coins have been created by the founders of the Nimbus Platform: Nimbus Governance Token (NGT) and STAN.

NGT is marketed as a token that allows its holders to decide how transaction fees are allocated.

Nimbus Platform also pledges to back STAN 1:1 in US Dollars.

Nimbus has abandoned its long-standing referral payout program in favor of a bogus exchange incentive structure.

Without further ado, the firm is engaged in serious securities fraud. Proceed with caution!

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