The Kindred Hearts website does not reveal who owns or manages the company. First registered in 2009, the Kindred Hearts website domain ( is now owned by the company.

On June 9th, 2021, the private registration was last updated. Kindred Heart’s website features a sign-in/sign-up button, as well as a message that reads “US RESIDENTS ONLY”.

There was a time when we didn’t have this luxury. Kindred Hearts affiliates in South Africa were so fed up with the company that they started their own clone op after they were kicked out of Kindred Hearts.

According to Gift of Legacy co-founder Chris Hattingh, an 83-year-old American woman is running Kindred Hearts. Other firms with the same name make it difficult to determine who owns Kindred Hearts. “The Kindred Hearts gift shop in Michigan and an Australian fashion company have been found by me. Don’t join or send over any money to an MLM firm unless they are completely transparent about who owns and runs it.”

Products from Kindred Hearts does not offer any products or services that can be sold to the public. Only the Kindred Hearts affiliate membership can be promoted by affiliates. Compensation Plan for Kindred Hearts Affiliates of Kindred Hearts participate in a $100 donation cycle. Payments for Kindred Hearts are tracked in a 2×3 matrix. An affiliate is placed at the top of a 2×3 grid, with two positions right below them. The initial level of the matrix consists of these two positions:

In the second level of the matrix, the initial two slots are divided into two additional positions each (four position). Eight positions are available in level three, which is generated in the same way. It is customary for a new Kindred Hearts’ member to give back $100 to the person who brought them into the organization. In their first-tier $100 2×3 matrix, this puts them at the top of the heap.

Direct and indirect affiliates make $100 gifting payments to fill positions in the matrix. To qualify for gifting payments, Kindred Hearts affiliates must personally recruit two other Kindred Hearts affiliates. A “cycle” is initiated when all eight layers of the matrix are filled.

This leads to: Payout of $300 The first $100 was utilized to produce a new gifting position of $100, while the second $400 was used to cycle into the second gifting tier. First, there is no second tier position formed after this first cycle. In the second and following cycles, this generates $700 in kept gifting payments. They all work in the same way for the other three Kindred Hearts tiers. Keep $1800, $400 used to generate a new second-tier gifting position, and $1000 used to establish a third-tier gifting position (second and future cycles you keep $2800, as there is no fourth-tier gifting position formed). Third-tier cycle – keep $5000, $1000 used to generate a new third-tier gifting position, and $2000 used to generate a fourth-tier gifting position (second and future cycles you keep $7000 as there is no fourth-tier gifting position).

Keep $14,000 and use the remaining $2000 to create a new fourth-tier giving role. Creating a Tribe of Like Minds A $100 donation payment is required to join the Kindred Hearts affiliate program.

Kindred Hearts an illegal gifting business, Kindred Hearts uses the same hackneyed lies we see in every gifting scheme to sell its services. Tax laws in the United States relating to financial gifts are the most prominent justification.

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