IX Inversors does not reveal who owns or manages the company on its website.

IX Inversors has two websites; “ixinversors.net” and “ixinversors.world,” both of which are hosted by the company.

On March 20th, 2021, IX Inversors’.NET domain was privately registered. On May 5th, 2021, the.WORLD domain was privately registered.

The website of IX Inversors is set to Spanish by default. In addition, the majority of the company’s marketing videos are in Spanish as well.

Further investigation reveals that IX Inversors’ marketing videos refer to Alexander Hernandez as the company’s founder and CEO.

As a result of Hernandez’s common name and possible language barriers, I was unable to track down his MLM past.

IX Inversors appears to be primarily targeting South America in their marketing.

Don’t join or hand over any money to an MLM company unless they are completely transparent about who owns and runs it.

Products from IX Inversors, LLC Products and services from IX Inversors are not for sale.

Only IX Inversors’ affiliate membership can be promoted by affiliates.

In the IX Inversors compensation plan, affiliates are promised a “up to” 2% daily ROI, capped at 300%.

One hundred to one hundred and thirty to one hundred and thirty-five dollars; one hundred to one hundred and thirty-five dollars; one hundred to one hundred and twenty to one hundred twenty-five dollars; one hundred to one hundred twenty-five to one hundred twenty-five dollars; one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five dollars; one hundred to one hundred twenty-five dollars; one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five dollars IX Inversors affiliates have fifteen days after receiving a 300 percent ROI to reinvest and keep earning.

It is possible to earn 6% of the money invested by other IX Inversors affiliates if you have personally brought them on board.

An IX Inversors binary compensation structure is used to pay residual commissions.

When an affiliate is placed at the top of a binary compensation structure, they are placed on one of two sides (left or right):

There are two positions on the binary team’s first level. In the second level of the binary team, the first two positions are divided into two positions each, creating a total of four positions (4 positions).

In order to keep up with demand, additional levels of the binary team are created as needed, each with twice as many positions as the previous level.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruitment is used to fill positions in the binary team. You should keep in mind that binary teams can grow infinitely deep.

Affiliates of IX Inversors earn 10% of the funds invested on the weaker side of their binary team.

The compensation material from IX Invesors does not specify the frequency of residual commission payments.

There is no mention of how much money is carried over from one side of the binary team to the other.

IX Inversors rewards affiliates for meeting certain downline investment goals.

Get a free iPhone if you invest $50,000 in your downline get a MacBook if you make $100,000 in downline investments you can get a Rolex watch if you make a downline investment volume of $1,000,000 and a cruise for $3,000,000. A five-day trip to Dubai for generating $5,000,000 in downline investments The IX Inversors IX Inversors affiliate membership appears to be free to sign up for…

An active $100 to $50,000 investment is required to fully participate in the attached income opportunity.

To continue earning, reinvestment is necessary after reaching a 300 percent ROI.

Finally, we have the IX inversors. It’s a typical MLM Ponzi scheme with IX Inversors.

The “automated trading” cliche is the ruse behind IX Inversors’ generated returns.

A group of stock exchange and stock market specialists has built and developed a series of robots for us.

For the time being, there is no evidence that IX Inversors uses trading profits to pay affiliate payouts.

IX Inversors’ MLM opportunity is a securities offering because it solicits investment in a passive investment opportunity.

If IX Inversors is not registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction, it does not give any indication.

Legally, IX Invesors must file audited financial reports as a condition of doing business.

If IX Inversors isn’t using invested funds to pay withdrawals, this is the only way to prove it.

IX Inversors’ only source of verifiable revenue is new investment. IX Inversors is a Ponzi scheme because it uses new money to pay out investors’ withdrawals.

There will be no new investment in MLM Ponzi schemes when there is no new affiliate recruitment.

IX Inversors will eventually collapse as a result of a lack of ROI revenue.

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