This defense has been employed by Zeniq Technologies in response to a Dubai-issued securities fraud warning.

There is a shell business referred to as Zeniq Technologies behind Zeniq Coin. The Safir International Ponzi theme uses Zeniq Coin as a currency.

Safir International is wanting to lift cash with the promise of receiving passive financial gain within the kind of Zeniq Coin. Registration with a money authority is clearly necessary as a result of this can be a money service (a security offering).

Even though Zeniq Technologies claims to be placed in port, the corporate is not approved to supply money services there. Securities scam was alerted to the public on Dec fifth by the port money Services Authority (DFSA).

Safir Technologies more established the DFSA’s warning on Dec twenty-third via a promulgation. The port money Services Authority (DFSA) denote a clarification on its website on Dec fifth, 2021 in response to considerations concerning the potential registration or regulation of ZENIQ Technologies.

ZENIQ Technologies has never been approved by the DFSA to supply money services in or from the DIFC, it states during the document.

ZENIQ Technologies, on the opposite hand, doesn’t or intends to try to this in any kind. “We’re not really doing what we’re presupposed to be doing.” Zeniq Technologies then claims that the DFSA’s warning was distorted by Zeniq.

The DFSA doesn’t issue a WARNING on ZENIQ Technologies, however rather a VERIFICATION that it’s a legitimate business! At the top of Dec, authorities within the UAE vowed to start imprisoning “cyber criminals marketing cryptocurrency frauds. Dubai has emerged because the MLM crypto scam center of the world within the previous couple of years.

There is no guarantee that port can begin to penalize companies like Zeniq Technologies answerable for their crimes.

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