According to the company’s official marketing materials, “JP Rademeyer” is the company’s founder. South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province claims Jean Pierre Rademeyer as a native. Rademeyer has been conducting and pushing several cryptocurrency frauds for the last few years…  of which TronThunder appears to be the most recent example.

TronThunder’s website now receives 34% of its traffic from the Netherlands, 18% from the United States, and 4% from Russia, according to Alexa (11 percent).

TronThunder does not offer any resalable items. It is only through TronThunder membership that affiliates can promote TronThunder. Compensation for TronThunder Affiliates of TronThunder are compensated in tron (TRX).

TTT tokens are given to them in equal measure. Silver – for 400 TRX invested, you’ll get 400 TTT in return. For 600 TRX you get 600 TTT in return. Sapphire offers a return of 800 TRX for an investment of 800 TTT.

Emerald offers a return on investment of one TRX for every one TTT invested. 1200 TRX invested returns 1200 TTT. TronThunder divides the tron paid in to pay recruitment commissions directly and indirectly. Community commissioners receive 40% of the tron that is paid in.

The remaining 60% is allocated to the payment of referral fees and other incentives. Keep in mind that withdrawals must be utilized to fund new TronThunder purchases in the proportion of 50%. At VIP levels 3 and 4, the percentage reduces to 40% and 30%, respectively.

An Affiliate of TronThunder ranks It’s possible to earn money as an affiliate for TronThunder in a variety of ways. Their individual qualifications are listed below, along with a brief description of each: Sign up as an affiliate and pay TRX in VIP1 – you’ll get 2500 TRX in commissions for your efforts. VIP2 – Earn a commission of 10,000 TRX. Earn 25,000 TRX in commissions and recruit 10 affiliates with VIP3 – Get to VIP4 by earning 100,000 TRX in commissions and enlisting the help of twenty affiliates. Earn 250,000 TRX commissions as a VIP5 member. Achieve 1,000,000 TRX in commissions as a VIP6. Earn 2,500,000 TRX in commissions as a VIP7.

Commissions for the Public Good TronThunder gives commissions to the community in a straight-line manner. There is a waiting list for everyone who joins TronThunder as a partner. After that, positions are filled through a combination of direct and indirect methods of recruitment (in order of signing up). Community Commissions are compensated at a rate of 1 percent of TRX paid up to a maximum of two-hundred levels above and below the community commission level being compensated. Affiliates in TronThunder’s Silver tier earn Community Commissions in twelve tiers above and below.

TronThunder’s gold-tier affiliates are paid Community Commissions on fourteen levels above and fourteen levels below them, respectively. Tier of sapphire Affiliates of TronThunder are paid Community Commissions on sixteen levels above and sixteen levels below them. Eighteen levels above and below Emerald tier TronThunder affiliates are eligible to obtain Community Commissions.

Affiliates on the Ruby tier of the TronThunder network receive community commissions for every level they reach up to and down to that level. TronThunder uses an unilevel compensation scheme to pay referral commissions.

When an affiliate recruit’s new members, they are placed at the top of their unilevel team (level 1), and each new member is placed right under them. Affiliates recruited by level 1 members are placed on the second level of their unilevel team. There is a possible endless number of layers of affiliates, therefore if any level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they are placed on level 3.

Referral commissions are capped by TronThunder at seven unilevel team levels. Sixty per cent of tron is given out in referral commissions for each of these seven levels. The amount of referral commissions a TronThunder affiliate receives is directly proportional to the number of people they acquire.

In order to get 20% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates), recruit one affiliate and get 5% on levels 2 to 4. At level 1, you’ll gain a 20% bonus, and at each subsequent level, you’ll receive a 5% bonus. Recruit three affiliates and get 20% on level 1, 5% on levels 2 to 5, and 10% on level 6 you will get 20% on level 1, 5% on levels 2-5, and 10% on levels 6 and 7 if you recruit five affiliates Gifts of Thunder as a reward for recruiting affiliates, Thunder Gift Rewards pays an “unpredictable” quantity of tron to each of these individuals.

Gaining Experience Points (EVP) Rank Achievement Bonuses are given to TronThunder affiliates that reach VIP1 or higher. VIP1: Earn 125 TTT; VIP2: Earn 500 TTT; VIP3: Earn 1250 TTT; VIP4: Earn 5000 TTT; VIP6: Earn 50,000 TTT; VIP7: Earn 125,000 TTT Rubies in the Crown: A Royal Society TronThunder pays the Ruby Royalty Club with 10% of the TRX it receives.

Members of the Ruby Royalty Club share a bonus pool. Become a member of TronThunder today! Become a TronThunder affiliate, and you’ll get paid between 400 and 1,200 TRX. In general, the more money a TronThunder affiliate puts in, the more money they can make.

There is nothing complicated about TronThunder. What matters is that TronThunder is based on a smart contract and bitcoin. This is a TRC-20 crap token with no value. These may be put up in less than five minutes and cost nothing or very little.

To ensure that JP Rademeyer gets as much TRX as possible when TronThunder falls, TTT is deployed. Their victims will be left with useless TTT tokens as a result of their bag-holding. MLM pyramid systems, like other pyramid schemes, eventually run out of new recruits and commissions. The majority of players will lose money if TronThunder fails.

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