Aubit no longer exists. On January 3rd, the Ponzi scheme announced that it will be known as “Freeway.” FreewayFamily” was the name given to affiliates by Aubit in a subsequent announcement. Aubit’s token is called Freeway. A new “smart contract address” was assigned to the token at the end of December.

The business model of Freeway looks to be the same as that of Aubit aside from the name change. There is a claim of an 8% to 16% annual return. Freeway offers annual returns of up to 43% with its “supercharger” investment products.

“Fully regulated brokerage accounts” are what Freeway claims make this lawful. Ardu Prime, which Freeway has filed the Ardu Prime SA shell business with financial regulators in Greece, Germany, and the United Kingdom, is the subject of this investigation.

Ardu Prime owns and operates the trading name Aubit Prime. MiFID II-compliant Ardu Prime SA is regulated by the European Union. Athens Capital Market Commission License 4/164/20.7.1999, FCA reference: 725166, BaFin ID: 10146106 (Hellenic Capital Market Commission Aubit initially claimed to be working with Ardu Prime as part of a joint venture. With Ardu Prime’s “ownership stake” acquired by Aubit at the end of 2021, the mask was removed.

As a result, Ardu Prime claimed ownership of Aubit. Aubit Prime’s branding appears to have fallen by the wayside. Regardless matter where Ardu Prime is or is not registered to market securities, Aubit, now Freeway, has never been registered with a financial regulator.

Aubit began requesting investment from US citizens in mid-August 2021. “Freeway Lite US” carries on this tradition in Freeway. On the other hand, the Freeway Lite US website is nothing more than an empty login page: Located near the bottom of the Freeway Lite US website is a Wyoming corporate address. There are no Freeway offices in the United States. There is no SEC registration for Ardu Prime, Freeway, or any of its associated shell firms.

Freeway co-founder Sadie Hutton stated in a January 8th marketing video that the company brought in $13.7 million in December 2021. Mark Kearns and Graham Doggart, the other two co-founders of Hutton and Freeway, claim to be located in Malta. Scam-friendly Malta has little or no regulation of MLM-related securities fraud. They don’t appear to be registered with MFA, neither Ardu Prime nor Freeway, nor any of the company’s executives, do they?

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