TRVL is a budget travel MLM company. TRVL Ventures International is based in Georgia, USA. Spencer Iverson (CEO), Mark Sterling (COO), and Jonathan Green co-own TRVL (CLO). Spencer Iverson first came to our attention in 2017 as the CEO of Nspire Network.

Nspire Network sold negative ion tampons. Nspire Network failed in late 2018. Wakaya Perfection bought the company (now Mfinity Global). In early 2020, Iverson tried again. Jewel Sanitary Napkins sold a graphene insert pad line. JEWEL HYGI Napkins is still going (despite a dead website), but Iverson appears to have split.

As President of Epic Trading, Iverson was tired of promoting period pads. Epic Trading is a $99.99 per month pyramid scheme. Epic Trading began with forex and has recently included cryptocurrencies. Epic Trading’s website still exists, and Spencer Iverson is listed as President as of December 2021.

Epic Trading lists Mark Sterling as Vice President of Sales. The Global Master Distributor of Epic Trading. Either Epic Trading has recently left or TRVL is running in parallel. Epic Trading and TRVL haven’t announced any official integrations.

13 December 2021 – Mark Sterling has advised: “Myself, Jonathan Green, and Spencer Iverson are no longer associated with Epic. We all agreed to part ways amicably and wish Epic, the management team, and all customers well.”

TRVL’s Items Membership for TRVL is $49/month. On the other hand, in North America, Daydreamer is the membership. Globaliste membership is sold outside of these nations. An online travel booking engine is available to Daydreamers and Globetrotters.

There are no differences between Daydreamer and Globetrotter. TRVL associates get extra travel services for up to $499 plus $129 membership fee. TRVL has three affiliate membership packages, each with access to the discount travel booking engine: Monthly Weekender – $179 – $179 Explorer – $299 plus $99/month JetSetter – $499 + $129/mo TRVL’s Pay Plan Earn $10 per retail DayDreamer/GlobeTrotter membership sold.

TRVL’s MLM side pays on affiliate recruiting and monthly fees. Affiliate Ranks TRVL’s affiliate program has thirteen levels. They are as follows, with their respective qualifications: Sign up as a TRVL affiliate. 2) Recruit 6 affiliates Ambassador 3 – 9 affiliations Unknown sapphire 15,000 GV per month for Ruby Emerald – 25,000 GV/month Diamond – 75,000 GV/month Blue Diamond – 200,000 GV/month Black Diamond – 500,000 GV/month Crown Diamond – 500,000 GV/month Blue Crown Diamond – 2,500,000 GV/month Black Crown Diamond – 5,000,000 GV/month Group Volume is GV.

Group Volume is generated by selling TRVL memberships: Buying a Globetrotter or Daydreamer membership earns you 25 GV A Weekender affiliate membership sells for 50 GV. An Explorer affiliate membership sells for $75 GV. A Jetsetter affiliate membership sells for $100. A single unilevel team leg cannot provide more than 33.3% of the required GV. Other Rank Requirements are mentioned in TRVL’s Compensation Plan. These are hidden.

Advisory Boards TRVL affiliates receive $10 per retail DayDreamer or Globetrotter membership sold. Recruitment Fees TRVL affiliates can earn up to $150 per associate recruited. affiliate and earn $50 get a $100 Explorer affiliate Join Jetsetter Affiliate Program and Earn $150 Residual Commission (signup fees) Weekender, Explorer, and Jetsetter affiliate recruiting generates $30, $40, and $50 residual recruitment commissions. TRVL pays residual recruitment commissions on a single level. (Level 1):

An unilevel pay system positions an associate at the top of a unilevel team, directly under them. All affiliates recruited by level 1 are placed on the original affiliate’s unilevel team. If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3 and so on indefinitely. Recruiting a TRVL Weekender, Explorer, or Jetsetter pays $30, $40, or $50 upline.

Weekender scout 1st upline Sapphire gets $5. 1st upline Ruby gets $6; 1st upline Emerald gets $6; 1st upline Diamond gets $5; 1st upline Blue Diamond $5; 1st upline $3 to Black Diamond 1st upline Crown Diamond $3; 1st upline Blue Crown Diamonds $3; 1st upline $3 for Black Crown Diamond Jetsetter hires 1st upline Sapphire gets $7 and so on.

The system looks upline for a Black Diamond affiliate. Repeat until the $50 is handed out. Whenever an upline Black Crown Diamond is located, they receive the residual recruitment commission.

Remaining Recruitment Fees (ongoing monthly affiliate fees) TRVL charges monthly fees to affiliates. This money is used to pay residual recruitment commissions. TRVL pays monthly residual recruitment commissions in a 3×9 matrix. Three ranks directly below an affiliate in a 3-9 matrix:

The first three positions make up the matrices. The second level of the matrices is created by dividing the first three places into three (9 positions). Each subsequent level of the matrices contains three times as many locations as the previous one. The matrix is populated by recruiting TRVL affiliates directly and indirectly.

Membership tier affiliates recruited into the matrix sign up with: Each Weekender affiliate earns $4 each Explorer earns $6 and Jetsetter earns $8 each Bonuses TRVL rewards Ruby and higher level affiliates a Monthly Bonus.

Bonus Pools TRVL deducts an unknown percentage of corporate income from the Quarterly Bonus Pool. The Quarterly Bonus Pool is a quarterly rank-based pool. Ambassadors get 25% of the secret percentage.

QBP Crown Diamonds each receive 5% of the undisclosed proportion Bonus Pools TRVL affiliate membership ranges from $179 to $499: Monthly Weekender – $179 – $179 Explorer – $299 plus $99/month JetSetter – $499 + $129/mo The more a TRVL associate pays for membership, the more they can earn. TRVL End I think the travel discount MLM niche is done. Last year’s failure of WorldVentures solidified this. TRVL is the same.

An unnamed third-party discount travel booking engine linked to an MLM compensation plan. TRVL’s pay strategy encourages recruitment, making it a pyramid scheme. But the DayDreamer/GlobeTrotter membership is certainly not TRVL’s focus.

For starts, a $10 commission is paid on each retail TRVL membership sold. Compare this to up to $150 in recruitment commissions. Also, TRVL’s compensation plan excludes residual retail commissions.

Again, TRVL doesn’t specify residual retail membership commissions because retail isn’t the objective here. In addition, TRVL lacks retail volume requirements for rank promotion. Higher TRVL ratings necessitate more monthly (GV).

Recrutement outnumbers retail membership volume by a factor of two (25 to 100 GV), making it the fastest route to rank up. TRVL only pays travel commissions if a group of six or more is booked. That’s not impossible, but it means most booked trip isn’t commissionable.

True, but only TRVL will profit. Ask your potential upline how much of their monthly volume comes from DayDreamer/GlobeTrotter memberships. Calculate their retail volume based on their monthly PV total. If it’s less than 50%, the affiliate is conducting a pyramid scheme.

Given TRVL’s lack of focus on retail, I’d be astonished if retail membership accounted for even half of the company’s total. The arithmetic underpinning pyramid scams ensures that when they fail, most people lose money.

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