Corporate has released a second film promoting the Hyperverse Ponzi scheme following a Cameo video of Chuck Norris.

Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, is now 71 years old. On Steven Reece Lewis’ Twitter feed, Wozniak’s Cameo advertising vid for Hyperverse originally appeared over 24 hours ago.

Hyperverse paid Wozniak to read the following script: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is here. And I’m here to show my support for Steven and Hyperverse.

Two Steves? That’s unusual. This is an open-ended virtual environment where you can explore it in any way that you see fit. Be a space pioneer. Use your powers of space exploration. Compile a unique collection of in-world NFTs…

Awaiting the Hyperverse with bated breath. New Boris CEO Steven Reece Lewis has been named by parent firm HyperTech. Wozniak says he’s making videos “for charity” on his Cameo personal page.

Wozniak’s appearance in a promotional film for Cameo costs $5000. Hyperverse looks to be creating Cameo videos to distract from persistent withdrawal issues, given that this is now clearly a theme.

Reader-provided evidence demonstrates that withdrawal failures started in late November and are still occurring as of January 3rd. Hyperverse hasn’t said anything about why affiliates can’t leave. He instead posts Cameo videos on Twitter as HyperTech’s puppet CEO Steven Lewis.

Ryan Xu and Sam Lee, the founders of HyperTech, are still on the run.

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