A defamation case filed in an Ohio County Court uncovers a culture of dishonesty at BlackOxygen Organics. Plaintiff Louise Harris claims to be a US citizen residing in the United Kingdom in her lawsuit (given courtesy of Mombie on Facebook).

According to Harris, she is a “certified health and wellness practitioner headquartered in the United Kingdom.” Careyann Muller Zivich is a United States citizen and a resident of Ohio. Zivich was identified in Harris’ lawsuit as a “biohacker, health, attitude, and wealth coach.” I could be wrong, but none of those appear to be recognized qualifications.

Harris and Zivich are both past distributors for BlackOxygen Organics. According to Harris, Zivich is a well-known distributor who has direct access to “huge audiences” via “social media groups.” Harris asserts that she was defamed by these organizations.

According to the allegations made in Harris’ lawsuit; Harris expressed reservations about BlackOxygen’s medical claims and the lack of transparency regarding the contents in its products after becoming a brand partner.

Harris, Zivich, and another distributor, skeptical of BlackOxygen Organics’ own commissioned testing, ‘commissioned independent lab tests of (BlackOxygen’s) products.’ Independent laboratory tests determined that the goods were unfit for human consumption for a variety of reasons, including excessive quantities of harmful heavy metals and a potassium content that might result in severe medical problems or death if consumed as advocated by BlackOxygen. Harris’ difficulties began when she ‘voiced her concerns to Zivich and BlackOxygen’s corporate leadership’.

Harris requested that BlackOxygen compare her batch testing findings to their own and eliminate dangerous batches from the marketplace. Marc Saint-Onge, founder and CEO of BlackOxygen, notified Harris that BlackOxygen did not do heavy metal testing on any of the batches currently on the market.

Harris then requested that BlackOxygen recall all remaining batches and adhere to industry-standard testing standards in the future. Saint-Onge told Harris that BlackOxygen will take no action due to a variety of factors, including the absence of any deaths directly related to BlackOxygen goods.

Evidently, Saint-Onge was not willing to recall BlackOxygen’s dangerous products voluntarily until someone died. In August, officials restricted the distribution of BlackOxygen Organics’ products in the United States as a consequence of their own tests. In September, Canada followed likewise. Saint-Onge disregarded the FDA’s prohibition and proceeded to distribute BlackOxygen Organics goods illegally to residents of the United States.

Saint-Onge abruptly announced the closure of BlackOxygen Organics in November 2021. This leads us back to the complaint filed by Harris; Soon afterwards, Zivich began disseminating information saying that the company was not closing and that Harris had coordinated a hack on the company and sent a phony email to harm the company. Of course, that was nonsense. And Harris knew what he was doing for Zivich.

When Zivich made this false remark regarding Harris, she was aware that the company was in fact closing, as she and other chosen brand partners were informed confidentially prior to the email being sent.

Despite this, Zivich denied previous knowledge of the closure at a BlackOxygen Organics webinar discussing the closure (after it was made public). Zivich maintained during this webinar, in chat groups, and in “subsequent social media posts” that BlackOxygen Organics was closing. had nothing to do with security concerns and was the consequence of an inordinate amount of “orchestrated” chargebacks, which caused BlackOxygen’s credit card processors to freeze all of their funds and restrict future transactions.

Naturally, orders were not being completed due to BlackOxygen Organics’ products being prohibited from distribution in its two key markets. Perhaps if refunds had been issued, consumers would not have needed to submit chargebacks? Even if Zivich’s unconfirmed assertion is accepted, BlackOxygen’s closure is still attributed to “safety concerns” (distribution of toxic products). In a move that has a frightening resemblance to BlackOxygen corporate’s conduct against another distributor a few months earlier, Zivich claimed Harris was ‘personally responsible for the freezing of the company’s assets.

Harris continues by asserting that neither banks nor credit card processors have closed or frozen the accounts of BlackOxygen Organic. Harris asserts that Zivich lied about her responsibility in order to ‘deflect criticism away from herself and BlackOxygen’s senior executives. Zivich advised hundreds of customers who had recently learned they would not be paid earned commissions and were concerned about how they would pay their mortgages or provide for their children that Harris was personally responsible for their losses and they should “thank” Harris.

In actuality, Zivich was aware that the closure was related to the product quality of BlackOxygen. Additionally, Zivich asserted Harris’s innocence. was “mentally ill”; had a “mental breakdown and was unable to perform her job duties”; required involuntary commitment to a mental facility; stole money from Zivich in order to obtain the previously referenced independent BlackOxygen product testing; stole BlackOxygen Organics property; stole control of a 100,000-strong Facebook group Harris created (and thus already had control of); was terminated by BlackOxygen Organics; and was planning to launch a BlackOx

Additionally, Zivich asserted that Harris was a member of a satanic organization dedicated to preventing the public from discovering the mystical healing capabilities of BlackOxygen goods through the use of dark energy.

Harris suffered public ridicule and outrageous harassment as a direct and proximate result of Zivich’s actions, including widespread and unironic claims that she is a “demon,” a “secret agent for the evil FDA,” and that she desired to kill as many children as possible by depriving them of the magical properties of BlackOxygen products, including their “organic arsenic and lead.” And, as if that weren’t bad enough, there appears to be more… (There are) more statements that are not included here but will be provided under seal or in accordance with the Court’s instructions.

Harris sued Zivich on December 6th, alleging defamation. Zivich’s efforts… were calculated specifically and maliciously to harm Harris. Harris argues that Zivich’s conduct resulted in her becoming the victim of ‘online bullying, harassment, and direct and indirect threats of physical violence.’ Unfortunately, I am unable to track county litigation, but I will keep an eye out for any developments in Harris’ case. On the surface, it appears as though Zivich faces slander charges.

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