Nu Xtrax’s website doesn’t say who owns or operates the company. was privately registered on April 2nd, 2021. The Liquid Gold RX review came in August 2019. Today, Liquid Gold RX redirects to Nu Xtrax. Nu Xtrax renamed in May 2021, according to their Facebook page. After registering the Nu Xtrax domain. I couldn’t uncover a reason for the name change.

Nu Xtrax, like Liquid Gold RX, masks its owners and executives. An example from a Nu Xtrax mailing shows this in action: Set a phone alarm so you don’t forget!! A scientist and co-owner of the products, Mr. C will be interviewed Thursday night. It won’t be recorded, so come see Mr. C live Thursday night!! One name I saw associated with Mr C. was Jim Barnett: Barnett is mum on his involvement in Nu Xtrax. But, given his proximity to Mr C., he isn’t just any affiliate.

On its website, Nu Xtrax lists a Florida PO Box. Ernest P. Land owns and operates Liquid Gold RX Inc. in Florida. Also, Land owns Nu Xtrax Inc. and Wellness Research Group International Inc. (incorporated Sep 2018). This is the predecessor to Liquid Gold RX. I couldn’t find any more details on Land, but he’d make a good Nu Xtrax owner. Always think twice about joining or giving money to an MLM firm that isn’t honest about who runs or owns it.

Nu Xtrax’s Items A “poison neutralizing” spray sold by Liquid Gold RX. LGQX works by supplying pure plant extracts from the Mediterranean mountains. Our bodies need a respite from the constant assault of polluted food sources, thus these extract combinations help neutralize the poisons we absorb in food, water, and air! Nu Xtrax also sells iHerQles. So iHerQles is a biological age reverser.

Herbs suspended in ethanol create the formulation. It is unknown how much of each herb is in iHerQles. “Doctors, billionaires, Hollywood stars, and the affluent” have been using Nu Xtrax products for 90 years, they claim. No examples are given. LGRX costs $85. iHerQles costs $99. The iHerQles price isn’t shown on the Nu Xtrax website. The aforementioned value is from their pay plan.

The compensation plan exclusively includes LGRX in two autoship bundles. iHerQles is clearly Nu Xtrax’s focus product. Nu Xtrax’s Pay Plan Nu Xtrax pays commissions to retail consumers and affiliates. Bonuses can also be earned. Rankings Nu Xtrax the Nu Xtrax affiliate program has six levels.

Their qualifications are as follows: Become a Nu Xtrax affiliate. Refer and maintain 2 retail customers with current monthly orders, and recruit 2 affiliates to earn commissions (placed one on each side of your binary team) Achieve two active retail customers per month and five affiliates per region (two on one side of the binary team, three on the other) National Activist – keep two active retail customers and recruit eight affiliates (four on each side of the binary team) Nationalist Gold – see below Platinum National Activist Recruited affiliates must be commission qualified to qualify for rank.

Here is the Gold National Activist requirement from Nu Xtrax: “This is similar to selling five 1x or 2x product packages, with each team having 4 active members and the other team having 3 active members.” Unless I misread it, it means you need five National Activists in your downline who have purchased a product bundle. Five National Activists must be distributed 3/5 or 5/3 across your binary squad. Due to Nu Xtrax’s weak language, I’m not sure. Similarly, the Platinum National Activist requirement is poorly worded: the sale of ten 1x or 2x product packages with each participant having four active on one team and four active on the other, with a minimum of four active on one team and six active on the other.

Recruit 10 National Activists, 6/4 or 4/6 throughout your binary team. But, again, I’m not sure. Commission Skills an “active” Nu Xtrax affiliate earns commissions. For Nu Xtrax, active qualification is as follows: The purchase of 1 or 2 product packages by an independent representative (customers). Every 30 days, the Activist must purchase 40 BV or have two personal active Participants purchase merchandise. Retail Fees Affiliates earn $15 each sale of iHerQles to retail consumers.

Paying upline for residual retail commissions: The referring affiliate receives $5. (1st upline) The first upline gets $3. Activist The first upline gets $2. Nationalist The first upline gets $1. Nationalist Gold The first upline gets $1. Nationalist Platinum LGRX’s retail commission rate is unknown. LGRX retail commission is estimated to be lower due to decreased price. Welcome Bonuses Nu Products bundles sold by Xtrax include: Package 4 iHerQles – $299 598 $ Value Product Plus (9 bottles) For $349, the Family Product Package can be upgraded to the Value Product Pack Plus.

Ignoring it because it costs more than two Family Product Packages. The Fast Start Bonus is paid on orders of Family Product Packages and Value Product Pack Plus made by retail customers and affiliates. Selling a Family Product Package earns an affiliate $50, $30 for recruiting them (1st upline), $20 for referral, $10 for national, $5 for gold national, and $5 for regional.

Nationalist Platinum a Value Product Pack Plus sale pays $100 to the referring affiliate, $60 to their 1st upline affiliate, $40 to their Regional Activist, $20 to their National Activist, $10 to their Gold National Activist, and $10 to their Gold National Activist.

National Activist Remainder Commissions Nu Xtrax pays residual commissions in binary format. It positions an affiliate at the top of a binary team divided into two sides (left and right): The binary team’s first level has two slots.

The binary team’s second level is created by dividing the initial two slots into two (4 positions). The binary team is formed in levels, with each level having double the places of the preceding level. Members of the binary team are recruited directly or indirectly. A binary team can grow infinitely deep.

The binary team generates sales volume through product purchases and sales. Affiliate iHerQles monthly autoship = 50 BV monthly autoship retail customers = 25 BV 3-month affiliate autoship = 150 BV Sale of a Value Product Pack Plus = 220 BV 3-month retail autoship (3 bottles of iHerQles) = 75 BV Every week, Nu Xtrax totals BV on both sides of the binary team. RCs are paid in “cycles”.

When a binary team has 300 BV on one side and 200 BV on the other, a cycle ensues. It doesn’t matter which side has 500 BV or 200 BV. Rank determines residual commission rates every cycle: Dist. Activists make $20 per cycle, max. Earn $22 per cycle, up to $1000 per week. Pay: $26 per cycle, max. $3000 per week Gold Pay: $30 per cycle, up to $4000 per week. national activists get $35 per cycle, maxing out at $6500/week Posts on the Residual Commission a Nu Xtrax affiliate who earns $2000 in residual commissions per week gets a new binary team position. This can be avoided by purchasing a $598 Value Product Pack Plus.

To triple your revenue potential on the same business volume, get a 2x Product Package for $598 with 220 BV. Additional binary team positions can generate new income positions, but only one per binary team position. The weekly residual commission caps (per position) apply to each additional residual income position.

Bonus Match Affiliates who are personally recruited by Nu Xtrax earn a Matching Bonus. District Activists get a 10% Bonus Local Activists get a 20% Matching Bonus National Activists get a 30% Bonus Gold Platinum Matching Bonus for National Activists National Activists get a 50% Bonus Vouchers Nu Xtrax retail customers and affiliates earn $45 for referring and maintaining two retail customers or affiliates.

Vouchers are generated when referred retail consumers or affiliates “buy”. Rank Bonus District Activist Nu Xtrax associates receive a $100 Rank Achievement Bonus. V.I.P The VIP Bonus requires Nu Xtrax affiliates to meet certain criteria within the first 14 days. 2 x $598 product packages + 2 x retail clients = $380 sell two $299 product packages and refer two retail buyers = $230 Purchasing a Nu Xtrax affiliate membership is required. 299$ Family Package (4 bottles of iHerQles) $299 Liquid Gold QX (4 bottles of Liquid Gold QX) Value Pack Plus $598 (9 bottles of iHerQles) $598 Liquid Gold QX 2X (9 bottles of Liquid Gold QX) Liquid Gold QX appears to be Liquid Gold RX rebranded (LGRX).

Nu Xtrax Ending for two years, no scientific evidence exists that LGRX (or LGQX) “neutralizes poisons.” iHerQles’ claims of “biological reverse ageing” are also unsupported by medical research.

IHerQles is Nu Xtrax’s telomere-based marketing. Telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes, are the key to proper aging. Simply said, “short telomeres cause problems.” To live a long and healthy life, scientists recommend managing stress, eating well, sleeping well, avoiding toxins, and boosting antioxidant defenses against free radicals and reactive oxygen species. A dose of 4 sprays in your mouth, three times per day, 15 minutes before each meal, is recommended for a four-month transformation loading phase. Then we load for greatest benefit in the shortest time. Then 1 bottle per month to preserve the biological age reversal potential. If you stop utilizing iHeRQles, you will revert to your old biological age. In the absence of peer-reviewed evidence, Nu Xtrax resorts to “Teloyears” certificates.

Teloyears was a telomer length measuring service. Telomere Diagnostics now exclusively offers Covid-19 testing. Nonetheless, Nu Xtrax continues to use Teloyears figures in its marketing presentations. There is no proof that iHerQles affects telomeres. If you’re still not convinced, here’s proof from Nu Xtrax’s own marketing material: The products are useless. But they don’t change anything. Regardless, the ability of herbs suspended in ethanol to affect DNA should have been questioned from the start. No doubt a few scumbags will post comments below claiming their magic spray has health benefits.

Xtrax’s own marketing has them… …all unfounded and unsupported by medical science. Herbs and ethanol may be nutritious, but they won’t change your DNA’s telomeres. The two retail customer criterion has been changed since April 2019 under Nu Xtrax’s compensation plan. Sadly, the rest of the compensation plan is primarily autoship recruitment oriented.

First, affiliates earning retail sales are penalized: Auto ships have a 25 Participant (customer) and a 50 Activist BV. Also used for affiliate commissions: Participation does not involve setting up an auto ship order. You will never lose your position, accumulated business volume, or commission checks if you use this service.

A pyramid scam develops when affiliates buy product to qualify for commissions, usually given on recruited affiliates buying merchandise. The two retail customers’ requirement helps, but not enough. By rank 2, you have two retail customers to five recruited affiliates. And it becomes worse as you climb the ranks.

If you attempt Nu Xtrax’s items, you’re doomed if they don’t work out. Nu Xtrax, Inc. accepts refunds if requested within 30 days of order date and products are not used.

In short, Nu Xtrax is a corporation led by people who won’t stand behind their products. Then there’s the Liquid Gold RX rebranding, which was done purely for marketing purposes. To avoid Liquid Gold RX as an MLM opportunity, I concluded in 2019. Two and a half years later, Nu Xtrax confirms it.

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