On its website, GoDiamond provides no information regarding who owns or controls the company. The domain name for GoDiamond’s website (“godiamond.com”) was first registered in 1997. On May 22nd, 2021, the private registration was last updated. This appears to be the date on which the current owners gained ownership of the property.

On or around October 2021, GoDiamond affiliate marketing began to appear. Mexico (29 percent), the United States (22 percent), and Gabon are the major sources of visitors to GoDiamond’s website, according to Alexa (9 percent). There’s a strong probability that GoDiamond is run by someone from one of these nations. GoDiamond is being promoted in conjunction with MillionN, which runs under the domain “millionn.com.”

MillionN and GoDiamond look to be clones of one another. Because GoDiamond appears to be the more popular of the two, I’ve concentrated my attention on it in my evaluation. As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money. The Products of GoDiamond There are no retailable GoDiamond products or services. Affiliates can only promote their GoDiamond affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan at GoDiamond The reward scheme for GoDiamond promotes nebulous passive advertising revenue. Your members profit from the expansion of your network. You will receive 100% of the advertising earnings. Of course, that will be a waste of time. The Ponzi cycler in GoDiamond’s compensation model is where the real money is.

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that withdrawals from GoDiamond are limited based on recruiting. Regular GoDiamond affiliates can withdraw up to $200 per month for each affiliate they’ve brought on board. Titanium Ambassadors can withdraw up to $500 per month for each associate they’ve brought on board. All withdrawals at GoDiamond are subject to a ten percent fee. Matrix Cycler Affiliates of GoDiamond pay $297 to participate in a five-tiered 3×3 matrix cycler.

An affiliate is placed at the top of a 3×3 matrix, with three positions directly behind them. The initial level of the matrix is made up of these three places. The matrix’s second level is created by dividing the first three slots into three more positions each (9 positions) The matrix’s third level, which contains 27 positions, is constructed in the same way. Positions in the matrix are filled through successive $1100 purchases by GoDiamond affiliates who have been recruited directly or indirectly.

A “cycle” is created when all positions in a 33 matrix are filled. A cycle unlocks the next cycler tier and creates a new same-tier slot. escalating from a $1100 tier 1 matrix unlocks tier 2 and generates a new tier 1 position; additional cycles pay $1100 and generate a new tier 1 position. escalating from a $4400 tier The second matrix creates a new tier 2 position and unlocks tier 3, while successive cycles pay $4400 and create a new tier 2 position. escalating from a $17,000 tier The third matrix creates a new tier 3 position and unlocks tier 4, with successive cycles paying $17,000 and creating a new tier 3 position. escalating from a $70,000 tier The fourth matrix creates a new tier 4 position and unlocks tier 5, while successive cycles pay $70,000 and create a new tier 4 position. escalating from a $280,000 tier The 5 matrix creates a new tier 5 position, and successive cycles pay $280,000 and create another tier 5 post. Bonus for Cyclists Titanium When individually recruited affiliates cycle out of tiers 1 through 5, ambassadors receive a matching incentive.

When a personally recruited affiliate cycles out of tier 1, you’ll get $400. When a personally recruited affiliate cycles out of tier 2, you’ll get $1600. When a personally recruited affiliate cycles out of tier 3, you’ll get $6400. When a personally recruited affiliate cycles out of tier 4, you’ll get $25,000 and when a personally recruited affiliate cycles out of tier 5, you’ll get $100,000. Recruitment Commissions for Titanium Ambassadors to become a Titanium Ambassador, GoDiamond affiliates must pay a one-time charge of $497.

Titanium Ambassadors earn $200 every time a Titanium Ambassador in their downline joins. This incentive is most likely only given to the Titanium Ambassador’s first up line. That is, if there are no Titanium Ambassadors between you and the new recruit, you can earn $200 from any depth below you. Getting involved with GoDiamond The cost of becoming a GoDiamond affiliate is $297. A Titanium Ambassadorship costs $497 to fully participate in the attached income potential.

Nobody joins a social network to be spammed, hence MLM social networks fail. What you end up with is a social network full of marketers who are all pitching each other business opportunities (usually scams). This has happened many times before. GoDiamond adds a Ponzi cycler and bitcoin to the equation. The social network is essentially a façade to cover fraud, with hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing to the few persons who manage to cycle through all five tiers (GoDiamond’s anonymous admins and a few early adopters).

Get folks in for free on the front end, make them believe they have a snowball’s chance in hell of earning $280,000, and then charge them fees. That is the game’s name. We can reduce GoDiamond to a $297/$497 in $372.500 out Ponzi scheme just by using the cycler. Per tier 1 through 5 cycle, that’s 1255 $297 payments, 750 $497 payments, or a mix of the two. Because I didn’t account for the matching bonus, the total number of payments is significantly larger. Each of those 750 to 1255 cycler locations thus need 750 to 1255 to cycle, and things quickly get mathematically absurd.

Every Ponzi schemer’s math is the same. But, hey, $280,000 is nothing to sneeze at. That’s how marketing works. The matrices will begin to stall as affiliate recruitment stops up, as it does with all cycler Ponzi schemes.

After a sufficient number of matrices have halted, an irreversible collapse occurs. As a result, GoDiamond’s admin keeps funds and what they get from their admin position stuck in stalled matrices (s). Ponzi schemers’ math ensures that the vast majority of participants lose money.

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