“Hide your assets” MLM is what Freedom Group specializes in. The company’s website does not give a physical address. Since it is run from Norway and Northern Cyprus, Freedom Group’s official Facebook profile can be found there.

Freedom Group describes itself as operating in Northern Cyprus, Dubai, and Spain, among other locations. The domain name for the Freedom Group’s website was privately registered in the beginning of this year.

According to the company’s official Facebook page, Freedom Group was launched on the same day. Eight co-founders make up Freedom Group’s leadership team:

Currently, Einar Steinshaug (Norway) is promoting the Better Globe campaign. (As part of the Better Globe movement, Dagfinn Rognerud (Norway) It’s Kjell Morten Brendoy (Norway) Tony Branch’s (Northern Cyprus) Paula Branch is the person responsible for this page (Northern Cyprus) Helen Camitz-Ryden (Sweden) Linda Josefine Neppelberg (Norway) and Jonas Camitz-Ryden (Germany) (Sweden). Their whereabouts are all that is known about the co-founders of Freedom Group.

I’ve done my best to fill in any gaps I could identify… It’s unknown if any of the current Freedom Group founders have experience with multilevel marketing. This may be because of my lack of fluency in the language. As for Einar Steinshaug and Dagfinn Rognerud, BehindMLM assessed Better Globe in August of that year.

A pyramid scheme based on Better Globe’s business model seems quite likely to us. An email was sent out on December 10th, 2021, with an update. He is best recognized for his work with World Games Inc., but Dagfinn Rognerud has also worked with Forever Living, besides being married to Kjell Morten Brendy, Linda Josefine Neppelberg has been associated in a number of other companies including Rain International, QubitTech, and Nu Skin Furthermore, Freedom Group looks to be a subsidiary of the International Partnership Program (IPP).

IPP’s marketing brochure explains; Innovative multinational organization that gives outstanding business opportunities, fantastic cooperation, solid professional support, and social networking…. Including sales and new construction, our North Cyprus property portfolio totals about £450 million. Besides renting and valuing properties, our consultants can also help with building and repair projects, as well as shipping and settlement logistics. Is this familiar?

Vision Group appears to be the reincarnation of IPP in 2019. Stephan Menzies MRICS, the current Chairman of Vision Group (previously IPP The International Partnership Program), was the original creator of the organization. As of this day, Freedom Group is still in existence. Rino Solberg, the creator of Better Globe, was a staunch supporter of IPP. I couldn’t tie Solberg to the Freedom Group in any meaningful way. It would be surprising if Solberg wasn’t an active co-founder of Freedom Group, given that two Better Globe top earners are in charge of the company. update finished Freedom Group’s MLM opportunity is described in detail in the following paragraphs. The Products of Freedom Group Marketers at Freedom Group specialize on Northern Cyprus homes.

Investors can learn about a variety of property “projects” on the company’s website. “Group tours” and “inspection visits” are also used by Freedom Group to promote its projects.

“We encourage you to come to sunny, pleasant North Cyprus for four days and five nights at no cost to meet with our reputable developers and learn about the property market and investment potential. We offer customized inspection visits through our selected developers to help you find the perfect property in North Cyprus, Spain, or Dubai.”

Freedom Group does not presently have homes in Spain or Dubai listed on its website. The Compensation Plan for Freedom Group compensates its employees through numerous goods that are complementary to the selling and renting of real estate properties. It is stated in the company’s compensation plan that an affiliate “cannot get commission on their first purchase of property” if they join the Freedom Group.

Freedom Group charges a £250 GBP fee for each property transaction. Sales and rents of real estate A unilevel compensation structure is used by Freedom Group to pay commissions on property sales and rents. When an affiliate recruits’ new members, they are placed at the head of their unilevel team (level 1), and each new member is placed right under them (level 2). Affiliates recruited by level 1 members are placed on the second level of their unilevel team. There is a possible endless number of layers of affiliates, therefore if any level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they are placed on level 3.

In accordance with Freedom Group policy, the maximum number of unilevel commissions that can be paid out is 10. The following is the proportion of fees collected that is used to calculate commissions for real estate transactions: There is a 50/50 split between personal recruits and level 2 affiliates. Level 3 is 5 percent, while levels 4-8 are 2 percent, and levels 9-10 are one-tenth of one percent.

Please note that Freedom Group does not publish the total sum from which the above percentages are derived (they are not the property sale amount or rent paid by clients). Commissions for “a variety of products” Sales of “different products” result in “a one-time commission” for Freedom Group. As with the products, no additional information is provided. The Freedom Group: My Involvement Affiliate participation in the Freedom Group is completely free.

Freedom Group charges a fee of £350 GBP if an associate makes £2500 GBP in residual commissions (commissions across unilevel levels 2 to 10) annually.

Conclusion For consumers who are looking to hide their money in offshore assets, Freedom Group seems like an MLM organization. I don’t think Freedom Group is targeting the market of people who want to buy property in Northern Cyprus, which is a red flag jurisdiction for MLM due-diligence. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “complimentary items” offered by Freedom Group were in fact meant to complement asset shielding. The secrecy around them may be because of this: The products in Group B are those that generate multiple sources of revenue for P2.

To learn more, speak with a representative of Freedom Management. Please contact a member of Management of Freedom LLC for more information on type B items and how you can earn more money in Freedom. It appears to be a dodgy transaction. In a suspected pyramid scam, the fact that the first two named founders are the top earners does nothing to bolster confidence. A look at Freedom Group’s offerings suggests they’re not geared toward retail customers.

Word-of-mouth and established marketers are more inclined to promote the product, and they’ll likely sign up as affiliates. It’s tough to sell property in hidey-hole jurisdictions, even if there is some retail activity going on. Take a moment, even if you’re not a member of Freedom Group, to consider how you’d go about marketing their properties – and to whom? According to the Freedom Group’s website, they offer free tours (presumably this only covers accommodation). That appears to be the most common marketing strategy. How can you compete as a marketer unless you live in Northern Cyprus? Freedom Group’s compensation model can operate if the majority of sales are made to retail consumers, if we disregard all of that. It’s a red flag under the FTC Act if a corporation isn’t providing product disclosures. As previously indicated, Northern Cyprus is a secluded jurisdiction, thus they probably don’t give a hoot.

In the end, secrecy and MLM are not compatible. Consider your surroundings before making a move. It has been brought to my attention by Malthusian in the comments below that there is a distinction between Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. My first evaluation had Freedom Group working in Northern Cyprus, but I’ve since changed it to reflect that. When it comes to MLM due diligence, Cyprus is a red flag jurisdiction. A lack of MLM or MLM-related securities fraud regulation by the corporation is a problem.

Northern Cyprus is even worse than the rest of the country. As a de facto state, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus encompasses the island of Cyprus’s northeastern section. Northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey; all other countries believe it to be a part of the Republic of Cyprus. In Northern Cyprus, the Turkish military has a major presence. Since its establishment by the TRNC government, it has been described as an occupation force in several United Nations Security Council resolutions. The European Union as a whole and the international community consider it to be an occupying force. If you’re looking for a safe place to keep big sums of legitimately earned money, this probably isn’t it. That’s not Freedom Group’s target audience, so it’s not surprising.

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